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Kono1069 has been begining in Brooklyn,NY in 2015 as a design project. Previously it's known as "Kono" had created the clothing and accessories which were made from African fabric.Through the experience, Kono is approaching to next form as a new project name "Kono1069".

Design concept

Kono1069 has experienced traveling and living in various cultures, and gotten various inspirations from those cultures. I gather the elements and simplify them giving shapes into work. This is my main design processes. And in order to create Kono1069's own style,I always focusing on these keywords:

timeless simple form/ distinctive accent / examined unique material

Kono1069's Location

2008'~2013' Tokyo, JAPAN

2014' ~ Brooklyn, New York

How to get kono items?

Please reach out our Etsy shop,or contact us directly by e-mail.

Kono1069's Etsy shop


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